Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd – Practical Radon Training Courses


If you have Asbestos issues, you would hire a qualified asbestos company to deal with it. If you have electrical issues, you would use a qualified electrician to fix the problem you wouldn’t do it yourself. We believe Radon Gas should be treated the same. After all, radon is very dangerous in high levels, a remedial system installed incorrectly can increase levels by more that 10x the original measurment or more, putting employees or homeowners and their childrens health at greater risks.

Our training for our installers on radon remediation is very hands on and is provided over many months. We are proud of the high standards we set within the industry. Our in-house radon courses are in line with Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive and provide in-depth theory and practical knowledge. Most people know how to dig a hole or drill a wall but, we have the expertise to know where to install a radon remedial system in order to make the maximum impact on the radon levels. We also know how to install intrusive remedial systems with minimal disruption efficiently and professionally. We specialise in using wet, diamond tipped core drilling equipment, allowing us to core drill through extremely thick walls. For example thick granite walls in Cornwall as well as reinforced strong rooms in banks.

We ensure our installers complete regular refresher courses on radon gas as well as UKATA Asbestos awareness and PASMA to name a few. Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd have the facilities to offer in-house and on site comprehensive practical radon training. Our expertise and wealth of experience in the sector ensures that all aspects of radon gas extraction are covered by our training programmes. With decades of hands-on experience within the field, we are confident to say that we provide the very best radon training in the UK to our installers.


We also hold seminars to educate you with all you need to know about radon gas and the health affects, along with the legislations in place for landlords and employers. These seminars are ideal for architects, building surveyors and managers of large estates to name a few.

Areas covered by our seminars include:

  • What is radon and where does it come from
  • Health risks related to radon exposure
  • Explanation of how radon is measured
  • UK Legislations and action levels for domestic and non-domestic sectors*Please note, our awareness seminars do not qualify any body to become a radon professional who can carry out remedial surveys and/or installations.


Radvac Approved Electrical Maintenance Engineers

We have assembled a network of Radvac Approved electrical engineers across the UK. Our electrical contractors are required to attend refresher courses annually to renew their Radvac Approved ID Cards.







For more information or if you are interested in radon training seminars or our radvac approved electrical engineer training, available from Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd, please contact us today.  We can also hold tailor-made presentations in your workplace wherever you are in the UK, negating the need for you to travel to us.