radon trainingGlencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd provides radon training for building contractors who want to become approved Radvac installers. Our radon training courses include awareness seminars for building professionals. We also address radon remedial work. Our practical training for building contractors provides the hands on experience you need to become an approved Radvac installer or engineer.

Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd: Leaders in Radon Training Courses

Our radon mitigation training is hands-on. We allow you to strive within your field. We are proud of the high standards we set within the industry, our courses being renowned not just in the UK but also overseas. Our radon mitigation courses run in conjunction with Somerset Scientific Services and take place approximately every three months.

Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd has the facilities to offer comprehensive practical radon mitigation training seminars. Our expertise and wealth of experience in the sector ensures that all aspects of radon gas extraction are covered by our training programmes. With decades of hands-on experience within the field, we are confident to say that we provide the very best radon training in the UK. Our seminars and workshops will educate you with all you need to know to become a certified Radvac engineer. Areas covered by our programmes include:

  • Health risks related to radon exposure
  • Explanation of how radon is measured, and how target levels can be achieved
  • Radon sump systems
  • Mechanical and natural floor ventilation methods
  • Positive pressure ventilation methods

For more information on radon mitigation training available from Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd, please contact us today. We offer training and seminars for building contractors as well as for other professionals within the building industry. Whether you are interested in becoming an approved Radvac installer, or you want to find out more about radon and the dangers it imposes on everyday life, our dedicated team are here to help.




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