Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is radioactive and harmful. It can enter your property from the ground. Long term exposure to high levels of the harmful gas can lead to lung cancer. In the UK there are 1100 lung cancer deaths each year that are radon-related. The only way to know if your property is putting your health and the health of your family at risk is by radon testing.

radon testingWhy Choose Professional Radon Testing

When you choose professional testing, the most up to date radon gas test kits are used. Radon testing cost will be affordable. Inexpensive radon level detectors for your home or work place and kits are very competitively priced in the UK. When you choose a radon kit, findings will be analysed at a certified radon laboratory. The levels of radon detected at your home will be sent to you within a matter of weeks.

Radon testing is not just about the supplying of kits and the measuring of levels of activity. It is about highlighting the importance of regular testing and general awareness. By learning about the potentially dangerous level of this harmful gas, action can be taken to ensure risks are reduced.

Radon gas testing methods can be passive or active. Test kits can be bought for your home, or you can order a professional radon detection test. Here at Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd we install Radvac products that will keep levels of radon down below the recommended maximum. We can work with the results of your radon test, finding the best solution in the quickest possible time. If you choose active testing, continuous monitoring will provide the results of the levels of the harmful gas present in your property.

Our team of professionals can provide you with sound advice on how long you should test for radon, and which rooms in your property should be used for a radon gas test. Controlled testing in the right environment is essential for accurate results when testing for radon gas. If high levels of the harmful gas are found, we can advise you on which of our radon mitigation methods should be used to remove it.

Glencoe Radvac Systems can reduce levels of radon in your home by up to 99%. Choose radon testing before and after installation of our Radvac systems to see the difference we can make to your home, your health, and the safety of your family.



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