Radon Levels

radon levelsPublic Health England (PHE) in the United Kingdom recommends that radon levels are reduced in the home. The average levels of radon found in the UK is 20 becquerels per cubic metre. The action level endorsed by the government is 200 Bq-m³ and the Target level is 100 Bq-m³. To determine the radon gas levels in your home, at least two detectors, one in a bedroom and one in the living room must test levels over a three month period. You can find the government information on normal radon levels when you visit http://www.ukradon.org/information/level.

If your levels of the radioactive gas are over the maximum that is acceptable, we highly recommend you contact Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd. We can provide sound advice on combatting high radon levels as well as installation of the most effective radon mitigation equipment for your home. According to the UK government, target or acceptable radon levels are anything lower than 100 Bq-m³. If levels in your home are between target and action level, it is recommended that you take steps to reduce levels of radon. It is even more important to reduce levels if there is a smoker or ex-smoker living in your home.

According to official literature from the US about radon, a safe level of the harmful gas is actually zero. There are no safe radon levels. Any exposure to the gas, no matter how small, can cause lung cancer. The lower the levels found in your home, the lower the risk you have of developing lung cancer.

You can access a radon levels map for your location to check how prevalent the gas is in your area. Radon is the primary cause of lung cancer in people who have never smoked. This should be warning enough to check levels of the gas within your home or workplace.

In conclusion, there are no safe levels of radon, yet it is virtually impossible to live in a radon-free building. Regular monitoring and the installation of products such as the Radvac System can vastly reduce levels of the toxic gas in your home. In turn, your risk of developing lung cancer will be dramatically reduced.

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