Radon Detection

A wide range of radon gas detectors and monitoring systems for both domestic and commercial properties are available in the UK. Radon gas detection is important for your property, the harmful radioactive gas being linked to more than 2000 lung cancer deaths each year in the UK. Radon detection devices and monitors can be placed in various locations around your home for varying periods of time. Devices are available to suit the needs of the individual property owner, offering solutions for both domestic and commercial residences. If radon has been detected in your home, we recommend you contact us here at Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd to talk about radon mitigation and installation of Radvac products at your property.

Short and Long Term Radon Detection Methodsradon detection

Radon detection and monitoring is carried out by short or long term devices. For short-term monitoring, electronic radon detectors are used. A short-term reading is considered to be anything up to one month. Short term detection devices are generally used for detecting the primary source of radon within your build. The same method can be used to determine whether radon installations such as the Glencoe Radvac System are working to keep levels down to an acceptable level or minimum.

Short-term radon detector devices can also compliment long-term devices. Monitors can be purchased or loaned from many companies, allowing customers the choice between short and long term radon monitoring. Long-term readings are produced when radon detectors are placed for a standard measurement period of three month. The radon gas detector or detectors are placed in strategic locations around the home. Results of the monitoring process are sent to the homeowner once the detectors are sent to, and analysed by a qualified and certified laboratory.

Contact us today here at Glencoe Radon Gas Centre if you need advice on radon detection kits or when radon has been detected in your property. We have many years of experience in radon mitigation, and installation of Radvac systems. We can put a stop to radioactive gas in your home, our services being renowned not just in the South West, but right across the UK.




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