Radvac Stainless Steel Fan Enclosure (Series 3)

£650.00 £575.00



Our Radvac Stainless Steel fan Enclosure Series 3.

This fan enclosure is designed especially for the Radvac VPF/S2 radon Fan. Following our specification this enclosure is laser cut then manufactured exclusively for GRGC to the highest standard. Made from Stainless Steel it is really built to last! It will never rust and will withstand most major impacts, protecting the radon fan inside and the electrics. The door also has 4 security screws to prevent vandalism.

The Radvac Stainless Steel Fan Enclosure comes complete with: The Radvac VPF/S2 radon fan, a 4 speed controller, a switched-fused spur, an integral condensation trap and a rubber connecter. The enclosure is available in two standard colours, White or Black with either Left or Right hand discharge. Any colour option is available at an extra cost, please contact us for more details.

Note. You do not have to add any of the products which come complete with the fan enclosure (as stated above) to your basket.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 560 × 300 × 325 cm

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